A photo of Christopher J. Gobeille

Christopher J. Gobeille

Ph.D. Student

E-mail: cgobeille@ucla.edu Office: Royce Hall B12 Fields of interest: Medieval Latin and French vernacular poetry and song; Courtly love

Christopher Gobeille is a Ph.D. student in the Department of French and Francophone Studies at UCLA. His research interests involve the study of Courtly Love rhetoric in the poetry and music of late Medieval France. His principal research aim is to approach the works of Guillaume de Machaut from an interdisciplinary, literary-musicological perspective. Additionally, as a recipient of the Mellon Graduate Fellowship for Post-classical Latin Studies, Christopher is interested in exploring the relationship between Medieval French vernacular literature and Latin literature (both classical and post-classical). Christopher is also an accomplished classical pianist and has served on the faculty of multiple private fine arts schools in the Los Angeles area.


  • B.A: French and Francophone Studies, UCLA, summa cum laude (2012).
  • Minor: Central and East European Studies (Romanian language and culture).


  • Guillaume de Machaut
  • Medieval poetry and song
  • 14th century narrative and lyric poetry
  • Courtly Love rhetoric of the late Middle Ages
  • Relationship between Latin and French vernacular poetry.

Courses commonly taught

  • French 14W: Introduction to French Culture and Civilization
  • French Language 1
  • French Language 2
  • French Langauge 3