German Summer Travel Study Program

The German Summer Travel Study Program offers unique opportunities to study literature, film, and cultural history (in English) while travelling from Vienna and Munich to Berlin. Students can also begin studying German or select more advanced language courses while abroad. Students of all backgrounds and majors can earn GE credits or credit toward the German major, while language learners can practice Deutsch outside the classroom. Participants will enjoy seeing three of the great cities of both contemporary Europe and European history. 

Take courses in German art, culture, and history (taught in English) as you move from Vienna to Munich and on to Berlin. You may also opt to take any level of German language. You will enjoy seeing three of the great cities both of contemporary Europe and of European history. We will learn through exploration: In Vienna we trace the footsteps of Gustav Klimt, Sigmund Freud, and others in the streets and coffee houses.

In Munich we try to understand how a cultural capital of Europe could give rise to avant-garde art as well as the Nazi party.

In Berlin, we will explore the dynamics of a city still healing from decades of war and division while also becoming the capital of the New Europe. In the new Berlin, arts and cultural scenes thrive and political decisions affecting the world economy are made. For language students there will be plenty of opportunities to practice your skills outside of the classroom!


The program is designed for students of all backgrounds and majors.


To help cover the cost of the program, the department will offer limited scholarships based on merit and need. This program is also eligible for the Chancellor’s Fund for Study Abroad in Germany.

Dates and Location

  • The end of June through the end of July each year. Check the IEO website for exact dates.
  • Vienna, Munich and Berlin