B.A. in Nordic Studies


The B.A. in Nordic Studies trains undergraduate students in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of the Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, along with Greenland, and the Faroe Islands). The goal of the major is to provide the student majoring in Nordic Studies with a robust knowledge of the cultures and histories of the Nordic countries from a global and transdisciplinary perspective. Importantly, the major allows interested students an opportunity to explore the Nordic region from the perspective of non-Humanities disciplines if they so choose while requiring a strong grounding in the history and cultures of the region.

Students will have the unique opportunity to study the works of numerous Nobel Prize winning authors, view and interpret Scandinavian film spanning over a century, and become familiar with the history and folklore of these countries. The student graduating with a B.A. in Nordic Studies will have a good command of the culture and history of the region, and cultivate a deep appreciation of the complex forces and difficult questions that animate social life in the Nordic region in a time of increasing globalization.

Additionally, students will understand the historical development of the region as a region, as well as the linguistic and cultural diversity that are a hallmark of the region. Students will develop a broad understanding of the roles that literary and artistic expression have played in Nordic cultures, from the earliest sagas to the most recent post-Dogme films and television series. Studies of history, literature, folklore, and film can be complimented by other courses chosen by the student and approved by the faculty on a petition basis that either include a strong Nordic component, or explore an issue of significant relevance to the Nordic region. Through the capstone experience, students will demonstrate their holistic understanding of the interrelatedness of physical environmental features of the region, history, politics, economics, and cultural expressive forms.

For a complete listing and description of department courses visit the UCLA General Catalog.

No credit is allowed for completing a less advanced course after successful completion of a more advanced course in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish grammar and/or composition. Students with demonstrated preparation may be permitted a more advanced program by the section or may be transferred to a more advanced course with consent of the instructor.

Native speakers of Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish may not enroll in any language course (including courses 105, 106, 107) in the Scandinavian Section except by petition in writing to the section. Non-Scandinavian students with knowledge of one of these Scandinavian languages may not take courses in the others except by petition in writing. Petitions must include a description of the student’s linguistic background and the reason for wanting to take the language course in question.

Preparation for the Major
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Language Requirements: None;
    While the Nordic Studies Major does not enforce foreign language study as a prerequisite, it should be noted that UCLA College does have a foreign language requirement that must be satisfied in order for a degree to be awarded. For more information, please visit the College of Letters and Science website.
Requirements of the Major
  1. A total of 9 upper division courses (36 units) AND
  2. A capstone course, Scand 199 (4-8 units), for a minimum of 40 units
  3. Students must take one upper division course in four of the five main tracks (Theory, Genres and Authors; Literary Periods; Cinema and Television; Cultural Studies; Early Nordic Literatures and Cultures) AND
  4. Students must take at least an additional five courses in any of the five main tracks AND
  5. Students must complete the capstone course
  6. Students may apply a single independent study course, Scand 197, for four units as a substitute for one of the additional five courses listed in [4] above
  7. Students may apply no more than four courses AND sixteen units from other departments. These courses can be applied to the major by petition.

Please note: By petition (see #7 above), the major can be fulfilled by taking 5 Scandinavian courses (one of which may be a 197), and the capstone, along with 4 courses from other departments that have some possible connection to the Nordic region.

Scandinavian Course Listings

The Five Tracks in the Scandinavian courses are:

  • Early Nordic Literatures and Cultures (130-139)
  • Theory, Genres, and Authors (140-149)
  • Literary Periods (150-159)
  • Cinema and Television (160-169)
  • Cultural Studies (170-179); and
  • Additional Courses (180-189)