Graduate Student Activities

In addition to the campus-wide committees and events available to graduate students, the Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies offers major publishing, conference, and lecture opportunities that we encourage our graduate students enrolled in our program to explore during their time at UCLA: the Annual Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Conference, the Carte Italiane journal, the ELTS Graduate Student Writing Retreats, the Graduate Students Association (GSA), the Graduate Student Journal, the New German Review, the Parenthèse, and the Work In Progress Series. 

Annual Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Conference


Graduate students in ELTS have the opportunity to organize and participate in an annual graduate conference. Curated around a theme, the conference brings together students from across the globe and features distinguished keynote speakers. 

2022 Graduate Student Conference – Permanence & Decay
2019 Graduate Student Conference – Porosity & Reciprocity

Carte Italiane

Started during the 1979-1980 academic year in the Department of Italian at UCLA, CARTE ITALIANE is dedicated to publishing the work of graduate students and international scholars in the field of Italian Cultural Studies. It is funded by the UCLA Graduate Students Association and by subscription fees. For more information, please visit the Carte Italiane page.

ELTS Graduate Student Writing Retreats

The Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies generously sponsors periodic writing retreats for current graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in fields related to the Department. These retreats are designed to give students a quiet space to work on term papers, articles, or dissertation chapters. Light refreshments are provided. Check the departmental events calendar for information on upcoming retreats. For questions, please contact the Vice Chair of Graduate Studies, Professor Laure Murat.

Graduate Students Association (GSA)

The Graduate Students Association in the Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies is a self-constituted and self-managed organization of the graduate students under the auspices of the UCLA Graduate Students Association. It is responsible for identifying issues of interest to graduate students and for facilitating communication between graduate students and faculty in the Department. Elected representatives regularly take part in departmental meetings and serve on most departmental committees. The GSA also organizes the students’ own lectures and symposia. The Department is strongly supportive of student initiative and active participation in departmental affairs, such as faculty appointments, program revisions, and public lectures and colloquia. For more information, please visit the Graduate Students Association page.

Graduate Student Journal

Founded in 1983 by graduate students in French and Francophone Studies, Paroles Gelées is a journal entirely managed and edited by the graduate students in the department. The members of the Editorial Board are elected each year. The journal appears in the Fall and publishes essays by graduate students in the areas of French and Francophone literature and critical theory. It also includes book reviews, interviews with visiting scholars, and abstracts of doctoral dissertations and faculty publications. The journal welcomes submissions from students in other French and related departments nationally and internationally; all French graduate departments in the U.S. receive the journal.

Graduate students in the Department should be aware that other opportunities exist on the UCLA campus to publish research essays in student journals. In the words of the Graduate Student Association, ours is “one of the largest student journal programs in the U.S.” Of special interest to students in French are the Romance Linguistics & Literature Review (Romance Linguistics and Literature Program) and Comitatus (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies). Both journals are managed and edited by graduate students.

Work In Progress Series

Established in 2009, the Work in Progress series is designed to give graduate students in the French and Francophone, German, Italian, and Scandinavian sections have the opportunity to present their dissertation research and writing, and to discuss their work with their peers and with the faculty. Faculty, including visiting professors and visiting scholars or graduate students, also give occasional presentations in this series.