Advancing the Study of European Languages and Cultures at UCLA

Thank you for your interest in supporting our students, faculty, and university community. In a move to enhance our educational offerings, UCLA established the Department of European Languages & Transcultural Studies (ELTS) in 2020. The new department merges the existing programs in French & Francophone Studies, Germanic Languages, Italian, and Scandinavian, and offers an interdisciplinary approach to Europe’s rich and varied cultures while preserving our first-rate language instruction.

The creation of ELTS defies a downward trend that has impacted universities across the nation over the past decade. According to the Modern Language Association, from 2013 to 2016, U.S. universities cut 651 foreign language programs. By offering a broader and more robust course of study, ELTS aims to prepare our students to become active participants in a globalized world.

Your Impact

By making a gift to the ELTS Chair’s Discretionary Fund, you will advance department-wide initiatives that directly impact students, faculty, and the campus community in all areas of study focused on European languages and cultures.

The ELTS Chair’s Discretionary Fund takes the place of the former individual funds for French & Francophone Studies, Germanic Languages, Italian, and Scandinavian. Gifts to the new fund continue to support these areas while strengthening the ELTS department as a whole.

If you have any questions about your donation or the department merger, please contact Jeffrey King at 310-206-9677 or

Please click here to give to European Languages & Transcultural Studies at UCLA. All gifts, large and small, are welcome!