B.A. in French and Linguistics


*Note: Current students can change their major catalog date to Spring 2015 but will need to report this to Student Affairs Officer, Kerry Allen.

This Major situates the study of French in the context of linguistics. In addition to the normal preparation for the major, students are required to take Linguistics 20, and complete the third term in one other foreign language. In this plan, you need seven upper-division courses, three to be selected from courses in the Department of French and Francophone Studies, and four courses from the Department of Linguistics.

Preparation for the Major
  • French 1-6 (or equivalent)*
  • French 12**
  • Linguistics 20
  • Third term in one other foreign language (e.g. Italian 3)

*Enrollment in French 1 through 6 is contingent upon proper placement, as determined by the results of the Departmental Placement Exam.

**Students generally complete course 6 before enrolling in course 12. Students who receive a grade of A in course 5 may enroll in course 12 concurrently with course 6, with consent of the instructor.

Upper-division requirements
  • French 100
  • French 101
  • French 104
  • French 114 (choose ONE from A, B, C)
Upper-division electives
  • TWO of the following courses from the Department of French & Francophone Studies: 105, 107, 108, 109
  • ONE upper-division French & Francophone Studies elective
  • Linguistics 103
  • Linguistics 110
  • Linguistics 120A
  • Linguistics 120B

If students’ knowledge of French exceeds the preparation usually received in courses preparing for the major and if they demonstrate the requisite attainment in French 100 or 101, they may substitute for those courses in grammar and composition an equivalent number of upper division courses in the French Department in consultation with the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies. All prospective French majors who are native or quasi-native speakers of French must see the adviser before beginning upper division work in the major.

A maximum of eight units of course 199 may be applied toward the elective requirements for the major if approved in advance by the DUS. Students may enroll in multiple 199 sections per quarter, but may not enroll in more than one section with the same instructor in any given quarter. Students must maintain a C average in upper division major courses in order to remain in any of the French majors. Coursework taken on a Passed/Not Passed basis is not acceptable in any area of the major program.