B.A. in Italian


The program of studies leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Italian consists of two distinct phases: preparation in the language and study of the literature and culture. While literature courses constitute the bulk of the program, good knowledge of the language is requisite to most upper division literature courses credited toward the major in Italian. The uniqueness of Italian is stressed at all levels of study. Detailed information on programs and specific degree requirements is available from the department.

See the Learning Outcomes Objectives here.

Preparation For The Major

Required: Italian 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and one course from 42A, 42B, 42C, 46, 50A, or 50B.

Requirements for the Major

Required: Ten upper-division Italian courses, including 100, 199B (senior capstone course), one medieval to 18th century course from 113 through 118, one Enlightenment to contemporary course from 119 through 125, and six elective courses from 103A through 191. With consent of the undergraduate adviser, students may substitute up to one each of Italian 195 and 199A and an upper-division elective course from outside the department.

Majors who select courses taught in English must do additional work from the original Italian texts in consultation with the course instructor.

For more detailed information about the major programs in Italian and Special Fields, visit the UCLA Registrar’s website.