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Islande des Vikings book cover

Islande des Vikings

Islande des Vikings book cover

Bloodthirsty lords, marauders crisscrossing the shores of Northern Europe and plundering everything in their path, the Vikings do not have a good reputation. And yet they founded, in Iceland, on this island which remained almost devoid of any human presence until the 9th century, a unique society: based on a free and independent state, it is largely free from the usual social hierarchies – including in relations between men and women – and bases conflict resolution more on consensus than on violence and war. Between rotten skate feasts and a manual for survival in a hostile environment, legal disputes and the method of building houses in clods of grassy earth … it is the daily life of the Vikings in medieval times that is unveiled here.

Jesse Byock, Islande des Vikings, (AUBIER, 2007).

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