Digital Humanities 250: Digital Humanities Methods in Practice

Instructor: Wendy Perla Kurtz

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Spring 2021

The digital humanities provide a practical and theoretical grounding that can be applied within academia and beyond. In this class, we will study, interpret, and employ a range of digital humanities methods in preparation to enter the job market. Learning to harness skills such as knowledge mobilization, collaboration, maintaining an online presence, clear language research communication, networking, and project management will help ensure that the students’ work has the greatest possible impact beyond graduate school. This praxis-based course is geared towards humanities, and social sciences graduate students and provides a combination of practical skills and collaboration opportunities in developing digital humanities research applications. Through the construction of a personal academic or professional website, we will cover: how to create an effective online presence, the modification of cover letters and CVs for digital humanities and private sector positions, building syllabi with a DH-focus, creating a DH portfolio, and grant and professional writing, amongst other topics.