ELTS C201XP (with C101XP): Between Los Angeles and Europe: New Approaches to Transatlantic European Studies

Instructor: David D. Kim

This hybrid community-engaged course examines the rich migration history between Los Angeles and Europe with a view to the German-speaking world. It begins with an overview of transatlantic cultural, literary, and historical studies going as far back as the colonial era. It subsequently examines the displacement and dispossession of Indigenous peoples in southern California by European settlers during the nineteenth century, followed by a targeted investigation of transatlantic relations between Angelenos and German immigrants during the twentieth century. Students apply their newly acquired cultural, historical, and political knowledge to current transatlantic conversations. By integrating these lessons into community engaged projects with the Thomas Mann House, the course offers innovative, scholarly, and praxis-oriented approaches to transatlantic European studies. Graduate students will meet an additional hour per week with the instructor. Taught in English.