French 2: Elementary French

Instructor: Kimberly Jansma

This course is designed for students who’ve taken 1-2 years of high school French, who have some previous experience with the language and for students who’ve completed FR1 at UCLA.  It is taught almost exclusively in French. Students in FR2 will learn how to use the past to talk about life experiences, and current as well as historical events. They will also be able to talk about food, and their daily activities. Cultural perspectives will accompany these themes. FR2 is taught with a blended learning flipped instruction format.  Students learn and practice new content online with communicative application 3 days a week in the classroom. Students in FR2 will be using the Conversifi platform to have conversations with native French-speaking partners. Students should take the French placement exam before enrolling in FR2 if they have not taken a quarter of French at UCLA or elsewhere.