French 4: Intermediate French

Instructor: Elsa Duval

This course is designed for students who’ve taken 3-4 years of French in high school, a year of French at the university level, or who have successfully completed FR3 at UCLA. It is taught exclusively in French with a focus on oral and written communication, and the ability to understand and communicate with people from a variety of cultural perspectives. We assume students in FR4 have been introduced to the basic structures of French. Here they will have the opportunity to use the French they’ve already acquired to engage more deeply with extensive readings, media and class discussion. FR 4 is taught with a blended learning flipped instruction format.  Students learn and practice new content online to prepare to engage in classroom interaction. Classes meet 3 days a week. Students in FR3 will be using Conversifi to converse independently with native French-speaking partners on the themes they’re studying in class. Themes include personal and cultural values, appearances and the evolution of the concept of family. Students will read the novel Kiffe Kiffe Demain by FézaGuène. Students should take the French placement exam before enrolling in FR4 if they have not taken a year of university French. Students with an AP score of 3 in French can enroll in FR4.