French 6: Intermediate French

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This course is designed for students who have completed FR5 at UCLA, who’ve taken a semester of second year French at the university level or with equivalent experience in French. Students in FR6 have already been introduced to most French structures. Here they will use their linguistic tools to explore the culture(s) of France and gain a greater appreciation of the diversity of the French-speaking world through extensive readings, media and class discussion. FR6 is taught with a blended learning flipped instruction format.  Students learn and practice new content online to prepare to engage in classroom interaction. Classes meet 3 days a week.  Students in FR6 will be using Conversifi to converse independently with native French-speaking partners on the themes they are studying in class. Themes include personal challenges and coping strategies, the environment, and social institutions. Students will read and discuss the French novel Petit Pays by Gael Faye. Completion of FR 6 provides students with a strong foundation for future upper division work in language and literature. It will also open numerous opportunities such as Education Abroad (EAP) for both majors in French and non-majors. Students should take the French placement exam before enrolling in FR6 if they have not taken second year French at the university level. Students with an AP score of 5 can enroll in FR6.