Scandinavian 50W: Intro to Scandinavian Literature and Culture

Instructor: Patrick Wen

Scandinavian 50W provides undergraduates with a broad overview of the literary and cultural traditions of the Nordic lands.  Surveying a wide range of authors and filmmakers from these countries, from medieval times to the present day, we will familiarize ourselves with numerous influential Scandinavian texts.  In this course the term “literature” will be loosely defined in order to include several types of narratives, including film and oral folk tradition.  In turn, we will examine many of the cultural and intellectual movements from which these texts sprung, thereby providing a context for our study of “The Outsider in Scandinavian Literature.”  As this 5-unit course fulfills The Writing II Requirement, please be advised that the time commitment necessary to complete the course requirements will be substantial.  Taught in English. Fulfills GE, Writing II & Diversity Requirements.