Scandinavian 88S: Game of Thrones in Real Life: Ancient Times to Modern Times

Instructor: Arne Lunde

Seminar, one hour. Game of Thrones is arguably most popular show in world. For seven seasons, this HBO show captured attention and hearts of viewers of all different backgrounds. While at face value Game of Thrones might simply be entertaining, show tackled wide array of social and political issues. Despite being set in medieval-era fantasy world, themes that are part of Game of Thrones are still applicable to current day. Guided discussion about themes and ideas that Game of Throne touched upon that may not have been noticed. Overview of historical events that relate to Game Thrones. Connection of historical events to Game of Thrones and modern day issues. P/NP grading. Facilitated by Kavya Juwadi, with Arne O. Lunde as faculty mentor.