Distinguished Teaching Award – ELTS French TA Onja Davidson

We are thrilled to share with you the news that our former French TA, Onja Davidson, has just been awarded the UCLA Distinguished TA award in a large pool of distinguished TAs across the university. Onja originally came to UCLA as an ESTP student from France completing her Masters. Onja taught some of our courses in French for over two years. She was fully engaged in communicative language teaching. No one walking into her classroom could miss Onja’s positive energy or deep engagement with students. Onja is one of the many exceptional ESTP French exchange students who have enriched French language instruction at UCLA.

Moving on to the PhD program in engineering, Onja left us to seek other teaching opportunities. Dedicated to student learning and supporting underrepresented students, she helped create a successful program to help minority students in STEM develop a “science identity” through collaborative lab work.

Onja is a stellar example of UCLA TAs dedicated to the education of undergraduates. She recognizes the value and hidden potentials of each student.  Please join us in congratulating Onja for this most deserved award!