Special issue of Lingua Romana dedicated to ELTS Professor Jean-Claude Carron

The Department of European Language and Transcultural Studies (ELTS) is pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of Lingua Romana dedicated to the scholarship and mentorship of Jean-Claude Carron, Research Professor and Professor Emeritus of French and Francophone Studies. The special issue is a testament to Professor Carron’s career, which spans more than fifty years of teaching in both the United States and Europe. A scholar of early modern culture and history, Carron’s research evidences an extraordinary breadth of scholarship from rhetoric, pedagogy, and philosophy to poetry, literature, and food studies. As Carron remarked: “Friendship and recognition from former students, peers, and colleagues are the most satisfying reward for a life of dedication to the academic profession. This special issue of Lingua Romana was a welcome surprise, and I am grateful to its initiators and their co-conspirators.” The interdisciplinary breadth of the articles reflects Carron’s own interdisciplinary scholarship. Among the dozen articles and reflections is also an article by ELTS professor, Raphaëlle Burns. Please join us in congratulating Jean-Claude Carron.

Please click here to read the special issue of Lingua Romana