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Elissa Tognozzi

Professor Emeritus

E-mail: tognozzi@humnet.ucla.edu Office: Royce 340A

Office Hours: e-mail for Zoom appointment

Elissa Tognozzi, Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, is Senior Lecturer SOE of Italian and Director of the Language Program.  Her principal field of research and teaching is second-language acquisition.   Her interests also include teaching culture, Renaissance literature and teaching with technology. She is co-author of two Italian textbooks published by Cengage Learning, Piazza (now in its Second Edition) and Ponti (now in its Third Edition), and has published articles on teaching with technology. Her current work in progress is a research study assessing learning outcomes in three different teaching environments:  the traditional classroom, the hybrid classroom and the fully online classroom. She earned the AATI Distinguished Service Award in 2015 and the honor of Cavaliere conferred by the Italian Government in 2005.

Featured Works

Selected Publications


Teaching and Assessing Language and Culture Through Film,” Italica 87:1 (Spring 2010): 69-91.

“Proficiency and Assessment Using Voice Technology,” Italica 86:1 (Spring 2009): 1-23.

“Italian Language Instruction: The Need for Teacher Development in Technology,” Italica 78:4 (Winter 2001):  486-498.

“La natura come corrispondente esterno ad una condizione psicologica-sentimentale nel Canzoniere,” Forum Italicum 32:1 (March 1998): 51-62.


Work in Progress: La rettorica delle puttane, Ferrante Pallavicino, to be published by University of Toronto Press, Da Ponte Library

Courses commonly taught


  • 8A-C Italian conversation (beginning through advanced)
  • 50A Masterpieces of Italian Literature in English: Middle Ages to Baroque
  • 50B Masterpieces of Italian Literature in English: Enlightenment to Postmodernity


  • 100 Composition and Style
  • 102A Italian Cultural Experience in English (Medieval)
  • 102B Italian Cultural Experience in English (Renaissance)
  • 103B Introduction to Modern Italian Literary and Cultural Studies in Italian (Renaissance)
  • 116B Italian Renaissance: Power and Imagination in Renaissance in Italian
  • 125 Italian through Opera in Italian
  • 131 Reading and Reciting in Italian, theater course


  • 495A Teaching Italian at the College Level (and supervision of TAs)
  • 495B Technology and Second Language Acquisition

Textbooks and Online Resources

Piazza: Introductory Italian, 2nd Edition; Cengage Publishing. March 2019.

Piazza:  Luogo d’incontri:  Elementary Italian text, workbook, and website and DVD;  Cengage Publishing. October 2014.

Ponti: Italiano Terzo Millennio, 3rd Edition, Intermediate Italian Text and CD; electronic workbook, instructor’s edition and DVD; Cengage Publishing. January 2012.

Ponti: Italiano Terzo Millennio, 2nd Edition, Intermediate Italian Text and CD; electronic workbook, instructor’s edition and DVD; Cengage Publishing. January 2009.

On-line Elementary Italian First Year  Language Course, “Corso UCLA” for ICON (Italian Culture on the Net), Co-author. July 2001.

Ponti: Italiano terzo millennio:  Intermediate Italian text, workbook, website, CD and cassette with oral exams; Houghton Mifflin. October 2004.

Content creation for website activities for Houghton Mifflin to accompany Oggi in Italia. June 1999.