A photo of Jodie Miller

Jodie Miller

Ph.D. Student

E-mail: jodiemiller@g.ucla.edu Office: Royce Hall B12 Fields of interest: Medieval French literature; Classical Persian literature; Medieval Philosophy and Theology.

Jodie is a Ph.D. student in the French and Francophone Studies section, specializing in medieval studies. She is interested in the intersections between theology, philosophy and literature in the medieval period. 

Her current project considers the way notions of (im)morality are depicted through the animal actors of medieval fables and animal epics. In particular, she analyzes the typology of the trickster figure in both western and eastern literary traditions in hopes of better understanding continuities and shared narratives in literature and philosophy on a global scale.


  • M.A. (2018), French and Francophone Studies, University of Tennessee at Knoxville