Megan Sonderegger

I started learning German in high school solely for the purpose of learning the language well enough to be able to communicate with my relatives in Germany who couldn’t speak English. As I took more classes, I began to fall in love with both the language and the culture. After searching for the perfect subject to major in I had decided on German because it was a topic that had always interested and fascinated me. I also felt, that maybe one day, I could see myself living in Germany and I wanted to be ready.

At UCLA I had the pleasure of enhancing my German speaking skills while researching the history of Germany, learning about both their mistakes and triumphs, reading German literature with the thrill of reading the texts in their original language, and learning about the cultural and business aspects. I was able to see first-hand what it was like in Germany from when I went on the UCLA Travel Study program to put my language skills to the test. Now that I have graduated, I have gained a well-rounded education about this fascinating country and I hope to put what I learned to good use in both America and Germany by strengthening our international relations while still expanding my knowledge of other cultures as well.