Summer Travel Study Program in Copenhagen, Denmark

Following in the footsteps of the renowned author Hans Christian Andersen, the Copenhagen Travel Study program takes full advantage of Danish “hygge,” field trips, walking tours and hands-on exploration of place and space. Students will also have ample opportunity to follow in the footsteps of other important Scandinavian writers such as Karen Blixen, Ludvig Holberg, Peter Høeg and others whose legacy can be seen and felt within Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.  Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to experience Scandinavian culture past and present with visits to significant Viking sites, castles, palaces, as well as significant contemporary points of interest.  In addition, we will dive into the deep end of Nordic noir literature, including novels by Mankell, Larsson, and Sjöwall & Wahlöö. 

Check out “Scandinavian Summer Abroad” by Program Participant Ashley Zhang (2018):