Summer Travel-Study Program in Paris

The Travel-Study Program in Paris takes place in July. The Paris program is designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced students of French, whose goal is speaking proficiency. Instruction is in French and draws upon the numerous cultural resources of Paris whenever possible. Highly motivated students anxious to discover this great world capital and acquaint themselves with its rich cultural heritage will benefit immensely from this opportunity to practice French beyond the confines of the classroom. For more information about the program, visit the UCLA International Education Office website here.

We encourage students who are participating in the Summer Travel-Study Program in Paris to apply for awards from the Carol Minuck Fund and the Edgaro and Francesca Acosta Fund. For further information please see the Undergraduate Awards page.

A ZOOM Presentation was held on October 8, 2021 to discuss this and other UCLA European Languages and Transcultural Studies travel programs abroad. The video can be seen below: