Summer Travel Study Program in Rome, Italy

Rome is the ideal place to understand Italy’s rich traditions and cultural diversity. Not only was it the seat of the ancient empire, boasting an extraordinary history well before the advent of Julius Caesar; it is also the home of the Vatican and the capital of present-day Italy. As such, it has played a unique role in the emergence of modern Europe and offers an unparalleled wealth of artistic monuments and historical splendors ranging from the Classical period through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque, to the Modern. Located in the center of the country, Rome is an ideal spot from which to travel to other parts of Italy. Naples and Florence are accessible within two hours by train, and Venice and Milan within four.

While Italian 1 will be conducted entirely in Italian, Italian 42B and 191 will be taught in English. 


All students with interests in the topics of these courses are welcome in the program, regardless of their major or minor (or home campus). We seek a diverse group, with a broad range of backgrounds, for the course. The program is best suited for sophomores and juniors, but seniors who need summer credits in order to complete their graduation requirements are also most welcome to the program.