Statement by Members of the Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies (ELTS) and the Program in Digital Humanities on the University’s Failure to Protect Student Protestors
Pod Fictions book cover

Pod Fictions

Pod Fictions book cover

This chapter of Format Matters focuses on an academic podcast, Aca-Media, sponsored by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and its official publication in order to consider how this discipline values and creates hierarchies between various academic formats. A close analysis of this particular online outgrowth of the organization’s scholarly journal within the context of recent radio, podcast, interface, and institutional branding scholarship ultimately offers the opportunity to examine not only a medial format in transition, but also a discipline in transition – media studies at a time in which it itself is in the process of being reformatted.

Kalani Michell, “Pod Fictions,” in Format Matters: Standards, Practices, and Politics in Media Cultures, ed. Marek Jancovic, Alexandra Schneider and Axel Volmar (Lüneburg: Meson Press, 2020), pp. 253-279.

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